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Is the City Handing over West Hayden Island for a Port We Don't Need?


Who cares?
The people who LIVE here care
While they're at it they need to build that bigger highway bridge.
Before the Bonnevile dam Government Island was sandbars at low water levels, completely submerged at high. Haydn Island would be a 10th the size it is now. These are artificially created habitats by a dam that wouldn't exist if the dam was removed. The dam is the primary reason for the collapse of wild salmon stocks on the Columbia and it needs to be removed. I know the environmentalists hearts are in the right place and I do agree with them about preserving wild areas but Hayden Island isn't a truly wild place, it's an island park recently created by accident. They should be focused on the removal of the Bonnevile and other dams that have nearly destroyed salmon populations.
Considering Bonneville supplies a huge amount of power to not just Oregon but many neighboring states, I wouldn't expect Bonneville to go away any time soon. Hydroelectric isn't the most ideal renewable energy, but getting rid of Bonneville now would increase our reliance on coal and natural gas, which is the opposite of where we want to be heading.

In the meantime, nature is nature, even if it's manmade or "by accident". There's wildlife living there, and a lot of trees. That's something worth protecting.
sorry Erasmus~I have to completely agree with Ghassan ~ and we better get on it !!~this project stinks of poor project planning !
On another note~about Bonneville~what needs to happen there is to stop the SEAL TORTURES !!
It's funny how so called environmentalists resist when someone tries to pull their head up to see more of the "forest" rather than the "trees". Ghassan where exactly are we supposed to be heading? Yes, the dam supplies electricity but is it worth the extinction of salmon? That's one way we're definitely headed, the salmon runs are utterly dependent on the miniscule and dwindling wild salmon runs, forget the hatchery numbers, without the infusion of wild fish genes the hatchery fish runs will not exist. The turbines are the number one killer of salmonoids and there is no solution to the problem. Removal of the dam is the only solution. Do we really "need" the electricity? Clean air, water, land, lakes and rivers to produce food are what keeps us alive not the technology that suffuses are lives. Perhaps we should focus on living less consumptive and more sustainable lifestyles rather than trying to produce more energy to feed our technology fixation.
The micro habitats in the island chains created by lowered water levels below the dam are nice but they aren't the way the river is supposed to be. Neither are the artificial lakes created by dams, they also create lake habitats favorable to certain types of fish but they also can severely damage native migratory fish populations.
I'm not saying you shouldn't be fighting against the Hayden Island project. I don't like it either, it's just more development contributing to more growth in the Portland area and we don't need it. Just be realistic about what the battle is about and the even greater background issues that people seem to be oblivious about.
Ms. Barnes, we're not exactly torturing sea lions but if there was no dam it wouldn't be an issue. The dam has created a choke point for salmon that the sea lions are taking advantage of, can't blame them for that, they are simply following their predator prey instincts, same as the salmon do. That being said, because of the fragility of the wild salmon runs and stability of sea lion populations I feel it's more important to protect the fish. Perhaps we could allow some hunting, maybe local native american tribes could be allowed to take some sea lions as they traditionally did in the past. The sea lions would learn to stay away from the dams and do their fishing away from where the dam makes salmon congregate and be easy prey. Sorry if you're an animal rights advocate but I have nothing against hunting done sustainably.
WE are responsible for the animals !! and the seals are only responsible for 1% of salmon issues ~ vs ~ 17% by commercial fishing ~ they have only migrated there because their natural instinct has found a cleaner place to exist. Also ~ I do not agree with MORE dams~and I know removing them can be beneficial however~if mountaintop removal and fracking are the alternative then we are better off the way it is until we develop better solutions.
Denis, thank you for taking us on your journey to WHI. Best story I've read in quite a while. It had a very descriptive touch and yet it hit on all the issues and emotions of all involved.

"It would be a shame to ignore" improvements in technology over the next several years, Lahsene says. "You really can't do that until you have a proposal in front of you."
Too bad the Port doesn't practice what it preaches about improved technology. These are the same people that said they won't be using plug-ins on the ships, they'll just let them sit there idling and spewing diesel fumes all over the island and the Gorge. After comments like that can we trust that they will be using their BMP's. No, we can't trust the Port, their bottom line has nothing to do with the environment and health.

I hope Sam Adams got an earful of what his constituents are speaking up about. It takes time to do a complete health impact assessment and the mayor admitted that it's not something that the city does. Well, for the residents of North Portland and Hayden Island and their livability and health I hope it doesn't get rushed through. Supposedly our Mayor and his team are all about equity for all in the Portland Plan. I would hate to see this good hearted man go down on record as signing off on this shoddily put together and Port driven proposal. The Portland Plan has got to mean more than this.
Thanks very much for this informative article. Those of us who live on the island will bear the brunt of these proposed developments and no one seems to care. Portland residents will have to pay for it, and yet very few people in Portland know a thing about what's being proposed on West Hayden Island. Please keep following this. It's a totally unnecessary project and the plan to annex this land should be nixed for once and for all. City Council: Just Say NO!

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