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A Historic Tour of Portland's Grisliest Murders—and the Homes Where They Took Place


With a little work (but much less dramatic effect), the author might have found that David P. Lindell was, in fact, apprehended and went on to spend time in prison in Oregon and Washington for a variety of crimes including bank robbery. He also seems to enjoy spending time getting drunk at Colonel Summers Park in SE Portland. His sentence for brutally murdering Lloyolla Miller may have seemed inadequate at the time, but he seems to be punishing himself fairly well, by design or otherwise.

Or at least it makes a good story...or it would if the author had tracked him down and interviewed him for his side of the story. Maybe by now he would be willing to tell the story.
"And she wanted to adopt the man's child. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY"

Wait, Humphrey was his child??
I read it that way, too, theterminizer. And who *wouldn't* want to adopt the cute little bugger?
"The last published description of the disturbed young man appeared in the Oregonian on September 11, 1985, when he was 20. It said he's '6 feet 1 inch tall, weighs 243 pounds, and has brown eyes and black hair.'"

Typical Oregonian, won't even report the race of the perpetrator. How are we supposed to help apprehend them?! This PC crap needs to end!
@Jimmy Carter: OH, WELL, THAT'S COMFORTING. Wait -- how recently at Colonel Summers Park?!

Also, girl in the first story is CRAYYYYY.
Oh, and true story -- literally just googled "David Lindell Portland" and found this seemingly likely candidate in the first result:…

So... don't tend roses near that guy.
Sooooooo.... the one about the gay guys? What I'm taking away from that is that there is no evidence whatsoever that they were killed because they were gay.
It's as if you guys don't like murder stories. The art for this is really great BTW.
Hey mercury, your murder house stories aren't spooky! It's as if you've never seen an episode of law and order. The lack of resolution in most of the stories, I guess, was supposed to lend a "...and the murderer still haunts the streets to this day," sort of feel. But instead it feels like many of the writers were stretching to imagine motives and providing unsatisfying conclusions. Also, thanks for the gay history lesson which felt mocking with the line, "They couldn't even marry! Dark days, indeed." On the plus side, the artwork was fantastic.
Er'ybody always tryna get their own slice of that Big Poop Pie.
About the murdered gay couple: I'm going to go ahead and call out the elephant in the living room. One of the reasons, perhaps -thee- reason, the killer(s) were never caught is because the victims were gay and police didn't bother with it because of it. Its Oregon and 1978, after all. Something very similar happened down in Albany around 2000 and it was basically swept under the rug. I grew up in Albany and lived in Corvallis from 2003 to 2011 and have known a handful different people in the GLBT community in that area who were aware of it, too.
Michele Dee Gates Home. Why did Michele get away with two murders? Was her family wealthy or connected to someone to get a pass on her deeds? Just curious about her Mom and Dad and how the press handled the drownings. Were there pictures of her in the newspapers?

Pic of Michelle Dee Gates

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