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The Women's Fruit Cannery Strike of 1913 and the Birth of a Portland Radical


Btw Dr. Marie Equi was an anarchist.

"She espoused anarchism, no longer believing that gradual political reform could achieve justice for workers. She supported the Industrial Workers of the World and criticized Portland's civic leaders for oppressing the working class and suppressing radical dissent." -Oregon Encyclopedia

The Portland Radicle a local anarchist paper did a piece on her Dr. Marie Equi A Portland Firebrand
Your history is off, as well. While Portland does serve as the Oregon headquarters (PDX branch formed in 1907), it has never been the "home" of the IWW. The IWW was founded in Chicago in 1905 and that's where its General Headquarters remain.
Thanks for this great article, I would love to see more like it, particularly the history of Coxey's army and the IWW in Portland. Portland history from the early 1900's is fascinating. These women were organizing against brutal working conditions. At the same time Oregonian owner, Henry Pittock, was building his lavish mansion in NW Portland.
Someone should create rock musical from this story, in the same way that Rob Rosenthal did with the Seattle General Strike.

Carrie could do this.

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