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A Real Doctor Tells You How to Do Science!


Right, as though Science is some static thing. You still mad about fluoride, bro?
That was deep, Erik. You really schooled us!
Thank you, Eric. Liberals scoff at Conservatives who deny the science behind climate change and evolution, and then they don't vaccinate their children and practice Reiki.
I really appreciate your pointing this out Eric. I hope to see more straight forward conversations about the anti-science movement and how it can be detrimental to our society. I know that this is not popular to point out the absurdity of some of these anti science positions, so I appreciate your bold stance.
The anti-fluoride decision was based on sound science - and economics.. no need to spend the taxpayer funds for something completely unnecessary unless there is some kind of cronyism going on. Kind of undermines the entire rest of your thesis to open with that.
Pubmed is fantastic for a whole host of reasons, the most obvious being the lack of any bias.
Great article! I believe in anthropogenic climate change and support measures to combat it because of the universal consensus that exists in the scientific community. Likewise, when the entire medical community (American Dental Association, British Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, etc.) supports fluoridating public water supplies and the the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims it to be one of the “10 great public health achievements” of the 20th century, I don't have the hubris to think my paranoid Google-ing will leave me better informed than the experts. I was born and raised in Portland, love it here, and am never leaving, but our city's strain of pseudoscientific liberalism is giving Progressives a bad name! And worse, it's putting innocent children (who don't have a voice in such decisions) at risk.
Also try: where Portland's own Mark Crislip (head of the infectious disease department at Legacy Health) and other MD's blog about this kind of stuff.

Also see, The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe Podcast, Skeptoid Podcast...
Yes, great website. It's actually .org.
Being anti-fluoride does not equal being anti-science. This is an ad-hominem attack against people who believe that they have a right to decide what goes into their own bodies. The accusation that it's some form of hubris to be skeptical of so-called scientific consensus is shortsighted and dangerous. The reality is that doctors have betrayed the public so many times that they have lost their trust permanently.
I more or less stopped reading the Mercury after it ran that "pet psychic" article a couple years ago. I'm so happy that the Mercury has retained at least some of its critical thinking skills. Portland is so full of pseudoscience and woo-woo, and it's refreshing to see the local weekly take a stand for science and reason, especially when such a stance is unpopular and likely to infuriate all the alt-meddlers and liberals. Props to Erik and the Mercury!
Newsflash: Professional doctor of medicine only recommends scientifically-backed health practices!
OK, but how do you get rainbows to shoot out of your nipples?

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