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What's Next for Portland's Novelty Animal Scene?


Definitely ladybugs. You can get 1500+ for under $10.…
psh, if you take care of them (e.g. feeding and cleaning the cage) ferrets barely smell and would never attack anyone. The poor infamous ferret that disfigured that child had been starved and left unattended with a baby for hours...what do you expect? Probably similar to what a dog or cat would do.

The unfortunate things about ferrets are really 1) expensive vet bills in old age and 2) they aren't allowed on good luck moving across the country or going on extensive vacation!
Pigs! You forgot pigs!
The goats are not "just outside the city limits," they are in Lents neighborhood. It's crap like this that enabled the city council for years to ignore outer East Portland. Why invest in an area that's not even inside the city limits? Obviously, anything beyond 82nd ave on the Hipster's map of Portland just contains drawings of monsters and wasteland.
Stoats trump all of the above, get with it!
No love for chinchillas? Goddamn it Mercury

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