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Monica, the writing objective here was Scary, not Random Word Association. I was only scared that i would read the whole thing. So i stopped.
Dear Monica, really good writing, incredibly shallow and offensive perspective though. People don't come here thinking it's paradise- they come here because other towns are dangerous and leave you hungry. They certainly don't come to drink piss- excuse me I meant the beloved oregon microbrews.

I trust you only meant it in good fun but am cautious because experience in portland tells me to be on the look out for crossbreeds of litterateurs' and authoritarian yuppies.
In case you ever wondered what a feature-length I, Anonymous looked like...
Dear Monica,

Really good writing: I loved genuinely loved reading the whole thing!!!

One day I hope to find the corner with the street that has a different old name in the concrete!

A question - My understanding is that the Dalles Dam is the one that submerged Celilo Falls and its tribal fishing platforms in 1957 - the Bonneville dam is to the west in Cascade Locks.

Can the haunted electricity still power my iphone from the Dalles? Is the Bonneville Dam power less haunted? Does it even matter, because all of it is managed by the BPA? I will whisper to my iphone tonight as I go to bed and listen for its tales of appropriated cultural and economic resources.

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