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... And Other Urban Demons We Should Equally Hate


Counterpoint: Raccoons are cute, diseased bloodthirsty animals.

They're also the the state animal of Tennessee. Nevermind Davy Crockett mostly being known for wearing a dead one on his head.
So what makes raccoons gross is that they're unusually dextrous and very smart? Quite impeccable logic there.
You completely neglected to mention skunks. Skunks are worse than raccoons, possums (no, I am not a hill person), or nutria. See how your precious pug reacts to an encounter with a skunk.
Anywhere raccoons are, a raccoon latrine is sure to be near! Here's some helpful information from our neighbors to the North.…
Quit feeding the coyotes and they'll have to eat more raccoons.
I think they're cute. See 'em all the time around here in NE. Sometimes a whole family clan trying to skate by stealthily.
Elinor, just try to comfort yourself in knowing YOU ARE THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN, and can kick some raccoon ass if you need to.
Just keep your pets away from them.
A few years ago we had a problem with a racoon using the yard as a latrine. Solution was a motion activated sprinkler. I heard it go off twice the first night, no more scat after that.
You're the kind of entitled fucking yuppie that has ruined Portland
All wildlife serves a purpose for our environment. By removing one or however many animals, another will takes its place. Humans need to learn how to secure their property more effectively to reduce or eliminate the conflict as they're the culprit for inviting trouble. Wildlife are opprotunistic feeders, therefore we must learn how to survive with them. Exterminating is never the answer and will only harm our well being in the long term. Every time one species becomes extinct, we've put another nail in the proverbial human coffin; it changes our overall environment.

Distemper isn't a zoonotic disease and therefore will not harm humans. But, to any unvaccinated cat or dog, it's a risk. Although the west has not had a rabies case in A couple decades, still exercise caution with all wildlife to minimize conflict. Furthermore to those who fear raccoon roundworm, unless you like to eat a lot of raccoon poop, it's not an issue. If your pet dogs in dirt or you're a gardener, don't forget to WASH YOUR HANDS! Wipe your pets paws if they've been digging so they don't ingest the worms while licking their paws.

Anytime there's a conflict with wildlife, only people to call is your wildlife rehabilitator. These folks know more about the local wildlife than anyone else. They can provide guidance to help you avoid conflict.

People fear or hate what they don't understand. Take the time to learn about wildlife species and you'll be surprised what you'll learn and reduce your fears.

I'll leave you with this video from someone who taught me to stop fearing raccoons. I I used to loathe them until I asked so many questions in these videos. Now I've come to appreciate what they can do for our environment. Did you know, raccoons are the best when it comes to keep rodent populations at bay?
Good news Elinor. You actually cannot get distemper. Your dog is suceptible but presumably it has been vaccinated. None the less, we still recommend against letting them hangout in your hottub, breastfeeding orphans, or bathing them in the same tub as your children....most of all as the artilce notes, don't feed them! For more information on dealing with raccoon conflicts, go to….

Bob Sallinger
Audubon Society of Portland
I think opossums and nutria are thousands of times worse because they have a rat tail.
Native species in my yard! GET THE SHOTGUN!!!
wildlife was here before u. leave them alone an learn to live with it. dont feed them and they will go away
More anti Portland native propaganda.
Seriously, get off my lawn.
Mark Sofia: You'd be better off getting over him. He'll forget about you as soon as he can find an open garbage can to scrounge around in. Raccoons are like that.
Raccoons are cute and relatively harmless.

A coyote was trotting after me as I was jogging one day. I realized it was waiting for me to die so it could eat my corpse. Them and the nutria are worth killing. Bowhunting them should be allowed.
How dare you write this, and how dare the Mercury for publishing such an ignorant article. No animal is wortH killing at the expense of urban sprawl. We are invading their homes and they are just trying to survive.
Cage match: full grown intact 40 pound male raccoon vs. Pitbull. Who wins?

I think the fast twitch wild animal craziness of the coon would inflict beau coo damage but the pit would keep coming and eventually get the coon by the throat. Game over.
Those animals all existed on that lush green LAND before it became your city! Your ignorance and hatred is outstanding! God forbid your city slicker butt coexist with nature! I grew up in the country on a farm. Then people like you moved in. First the bears and coyotes were "removed" (killed). Then the raccoons, deer, and turkeys. Lastly the hawks and falcons were shot by ignorant asses protecting their precious inbred little yappers. The best part was people like you made a city in the country, and the smell of farm animals was offensive and our horses, chickens, livestock and rabbits had to go. Thanks. Humans are the monsters. Ignorant humans like you!
No, there were no raccoons, or squirrels in Portland until after 1972, when coincidentally, we first experienced freezing rain and silver thaw. There were, however, squirrels on the grounds of the State Capital in Salem, prior to then. Coyotes are even more recent, not to mention the cougars and even the occasional bear, nowadays.

Revelation 6:8 KJV

8 And I looked , and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

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