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How the Waterfront Went from a Shit-Filled Disaster to Portland's Real "Living Room"


Shit, Joel. At least let me get past the title before I bust out laughing- "From" a shit filled disaster? The Portland Pigeon Party poops on your word choice there.

but I read on...
Cool article!
Nope! Stiiiiiillllll not going to swim in the PNW VERSION OF THE GOWANUS CANAL
Vera Katz thought it would be fashionable to tear down the seawall at River Place. Tugboat skippers were worried about a boat harbor being built there, where the Willamette dog legs, as barges routinely break loose of their tether from a tug. Then, the last thing the retiring mayor did before leaving office, was to authorize the building of an adjacent suburb for the OHSU Tram, while prohibiting any public debate. Thing is, that sea wall was built for the same reason that River Place used to be a scrap yard. Ever hear of the Hundred Year Flood?
Mark your calendars for The Big Float V to celebrate our now swimmable river!

PS great article
Great Read.
This taken from the Willamette Riverkeeper website:

"The Willamette River is on the Clean Water Act 303 (d) list for violations of water quality standards including temperature, bacteria, and mercury. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality sets standards and aims to regulate river pollution through its statewide permitting program. The river also has been impacted by localized pollution issues, from the Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) in the City of Portland when it rains too much..."

Have fun swimming in shit, dumbasses.
The Willamette River actually became clean for about a year or two, back around the late '70s, or so if I recall correctly. Ladybird Johnson's, Beautify America campaign, and 'Don't Be A Litterbug' commercials and ads got people to eliminate litter for awhile, too. Then, when Californians and honored undocumented guest job seekers from South of the border, moved up, they just tossed trash in the streets.

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