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(Even if You're Not Rich!)


Re: "Shigezu in the Pearl"

Are you talking about Shigezo in the not-Pearl? I am unclear on which fancy toilet you are directing me to.
Shigezo on SW salmon, and their sister restaurant Yataimura Maru on SE division
Funny stuff, but you need 5$ to take one of the Hop's home
Anyone notice this post IS FROM THE FUTURE?!?
I was just going to say "what the hell is 'shegezu in the Pearl' ", but I see that I was beat to it.
I thought I updated that before press time. Sorry, I'm the worst.
Shigezo is the word you are looking for, I believe.
Fixed! Thanks for the heads up, guys!
Needs my favorite faux rich activity: Put on a nice dress and go to an art gallery at like 11am on a Tuesday. Tell them you don't really like what's showing and ask if they have any works by this local artist whose name you googled 15 minutes beforehand. You have no idea how rich that gallery assistant is now going to treat you as. Plus, you see some fun art. Win win!
Haha! This is awesome!

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