I would just like to say that I think the city needs to do something to help out small time landlords with the ramifications of this law. My parents own a couple of rentals and one of their tenants has moved in a boyfriend who is a felon in violation of the lease and they have been fighting to the point that it brought complaints from neighbors. My parents told them he has to go and they are lying and saying he is out but it is pretty clear he has not moved. I am not pleased that rather than just using the no cause eviction law my parents now have to play magnum p.i. to prove that she is violating the lease so that they can evict them. What if this felon decides to violently confront them? Also I hope that the courts have staffed up as not having the option to use no-cause to evict problem tenants won't result in fewer evictions of problem tenants but it will mean a lot more of them will have to go before a judge.
LOL, what a surprise. Who could have predicted this "crisis" would be extended indefinitely, even though we have seen average rents flatten out in price as more supply comes online.

And yes, econoline, your parents' predicament is exactly what we all predicted with the elimination of no-cause evictions, an essential tool for small time landlords who don't have the deep pockets of large buildings and management companies to deal with problem tenants who cause harm to the property and neighbors without rising to the level of an evictable offense (assuming you even have the time and resources to collect evidence sufficient enough to hold up in court with a very expensive proceeding).
Also, if Chloe Eudaly thinks that ordinance is the "only tool they have available" to help with the housing situation, she's an even bigger moron than I thought. Read literally any economics or urban planning study - you build more to bring prices down. It is a consensus equal to that of scientists on climate change.

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