Interesting. Is Smith setting herself up as the Jeff Merrick candidate for city counsel?
Another version of the opening paragraph:

"Even in a city that's basically a Thunderdome of homeless advocates battling any change that approaches their mindset of letting homeless people do whatever they want and ignoring or name-calling anyone who doesn't like it, today's meeting of the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners was bruising."
@Douglas_Banter #Fail
This area has been hit with one of the worst waves of displacement in the city. Homes were foreclosed, often fraudulently, and resold to wealthy people. Now it's as expensive as Hawthorne or Belmont.

This is exactly the correct place to house some of the victims of the brutal changes that have rocked Portland's low-income people.

If homeowners don't like it, they can sell and move back where they came from.
Not sure when it became a sin to do anything other than pursue one's self-interest in America, but you better condemn me to hell because I want to see our weakest and poorest Americans get as much help with as much dignity as we can muster. Respect to 4 out of 5 Multnomah County Commissioners.

Are you saying these people are "victims" of the "brutal" housing market?

"Homeless man emerged from the RV and came running at him, swinging, what he describes as, a bayonet."

"A 51-year-old homeless man was arrested early Friday for allegedly stealing the wedding ring and backpack from one of the MAX train stabbing victims as he lay dying."

"Police say the RVs are being used for more than shelter: They describe them as drug houses and brothels on wheels, dripping motor oil, strewing used needles or discharging blackwater into storm drains."

"Police are investigating a shooting near a homeless camp in Southeast Portland."

"A 43-year-old homeless man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly chased a man and assaulted him in downtown Portland."

"A 50-year-old homeless man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of attempted rape and sexual abuse in an attack on a teenager as she slept in the basement of a Northeast Portland home."

"Police say many rapes, especially inside homeless camps along the Springwater Trail, aren't being reported."
Update: Another victim just attacked a man with a Nepalese knife:

Jan. 26: Police have publicly identified the man arrested in a Northwest Portland attack as 38-year-old Dameon R. Hooverrhodes. Hooverrhodes, who reported being homeless, is set to be arraigned Friday, according to court records.

*If only rent wasn't so damn high!
@Douglas_Banter = bigoted fool.
@Euphonius: I was waiting for the name-calling to appear... and you were right on time! When one doesn't have an answer or valid argument, they tend to engage in childish behavior. The Mercury is indeed the newspaper for you!
The answer to bigots is to call them out.

Don't like it? Don't be one.
That's all you got?
Mark it: Doug for the win.

That was EASY!
You sound pretty sure of that. Nobody else is.
Euphonius: "Nobody else does" Who else are you speaking for?

If you refuse to address my points with a valid argument, then it does mean you lose... and, yeah, I am pretty sure of it.

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