Despite owning dozens of properties, Prosper Portland intentionally gave Ryan a tiny, bad-faith list of properties that they know aren't suitable. He should hold them accountable but he won't.


Can we please stop calling these "houseless villages" or "homeless villages".

First, it's a misnomer. You can't house people in villages without houses.
Second, it implies that it's a revolving door situation that won't solve the problem of homelessness.

My suggestion: Rehoming communities. That's the truth; we're getting people who lost their home back into stable, affordable housing without attaching a negative label.


Why should efforts to address the homeless crisis always come with a multi-million dollar price tag? This time $20 million. Why do many formal encampments seem like institutionalized settings? Why choose shadeless gravel parking lots surrounded with chain link fencing wrapped with tarps to obscure camp inhabitants from public sight? Are they meant to look and feel like internment camps? Are they designed to alienate those who will avoid such dismal camps and indoctrinate those so desperate for help they can be used for a PR sales pitch?

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