So a year later everyone confirms that the "success" numbers Ted Wheeler cited all through his re-election campaign were bullshit.

It was obvious at the time, but oh well... we're stuck with him for at least three more years.

When he runs again, and says how great he's been doing, will anyone check his math this time?


I hate when reporting is inaccurate. What’s NOT said here and in the audit report is that move-in dates were added to service providers data collection routines years ago. Also what’s not said here is that IF someone isn’t enrolled into the program, they CANT get help to move into housing in the first place. Placing someone into housing by removing barriers, identifying income and help could take months, even years - are we really asking thousands upon thousands of people who work differently with even more tens of thousands of people on their caseloads to somehow remember to go back and update ONE FIELD out of hundreds of fields they’re filling out for thousands of people? How about the feds accept that we enter the data of move-ins and THEY take the responsibility to match back. No, they didn’t. It’s a barrier that was identified by service providers as a problem with the system YEARS ago to the federal government but instead the federal government refused to change their rules. Yet another example of how federal government fails to actually improve these programs by improving their rules and then refuses to take accountability for how they create these issues in the first place.

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