What is Wrong with you people?




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I've always calculated odds of survival at 10 - 20%
Once 20% acheived, a millenia is possible.
After that who cares?


Almost 80% of deaths among homeless folks, rather, folks ‘experiencing homelessness’ are linked to methamphetamine abuse or natural causes. And you want MORE of my tax dollars for free housing giveaways? Did you hear about the homeless guy who stabbed that 84 year old guy who refused to give the homeless guy more money? Wake up Portland!


So they just need a quiet, safe place to “recover” from their twice-daily meth hit. A serene place full of people quietly tweeking together to the soothing sounds of Mozart discussing the latest bikes they stole (to purchase the meth) while sipping methodone and vodka mimosas, perhaps. Lol…Good luck with that.

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