I used to know some bikers, and at the time I thought they were damn fine people. But now I'm starting to suspect you're all a bunch of assholes. You opened a biker bar near my house, and I now know you illegally modify your pipes just to make your bikes obnoxiously loud. Some of you honestly believe having a louder bike improves your safety on the road, despite your own hearing loss and the fact that you can barely reach your handlebars. In a city teeming with silent cyclists who get around just fine, I really don't think revving your engine for 10 minutes in front of a bar is making you any safer. Any other business that quadruples the amount of traffic noise in a residential neighborhood would have to move out by the airport, but for some reason the city of Portland allows you to make at least 6 square blocks of homes feel like they live next to a racetrack. For nearly a decade I've spent every spare weekend and dollar trying to make my home a nicer place, and now every weekend the sun is out I can barely talk to my partner over your stupid hogs. If you respected my right to some peace and quiet on my own property, I would respect you as human beings, but you don't, so I don't. You all seem much too okay with selfishly getting your thrills at the expense of everyone within earshot. You are nothing but noise pollution to me.—Anonymous