Dear Jeld-Wen Field:
Fuck you. dont you realizae that around 70% of your fans are smokers? and you think its ok tyo take away our smoking section, and replace it with 16 year olds in blue shirts telling me not to smoke?!?! i hope somebody shits in your mouth then holds it shut. im a season ticket holder and have been for the past several years, we used to have a smoking section, it was great, 700 people minimum crammed into a small space at halftime, and timber hoey came out and would rev up the chainsaw and carve some of the pavement. BADASS. now theres nothing except having an open door, that looks like a smoking section but, NO, "this out door area was made to take stress off the vendors during halftime" FUck you, and the horse you rode in on. I'm stil;l smoking at timbers games, and your jeld-wen bullshit can't stop me. go sell a door, or a window, or your daughters ass, but let me smoke my fucking cigarettes! assholes.—Anonymous