To the drugged out hipster douche bag who donkey kicked me in the knee at a concert last weekend: FUCK YOU IN YOUR UGLY FUCKING BLUE HIPSTER-HAWKED FACE AND ASS!! Yes. Both. At the same time. With as many huge herpes ridden dicks as possible. You wanna know why? It's not just because you fucking flailed out and donkey kicked me in the knee while you were “dancing” around. It's not just because when I tried to PHYSICALLY RESTRAIN YOU while repeatedly staying "STOP!" after your "dancing" assaulted several other concert goers, or that you grabbed my arms, while digging your nails into my flesh and stared at me blankly, like a research chimp with wires shoved up its ass. It is mostly because you and your obnoxious glitter and feather clad girlfriend, who by the way looked like she had just fucked a chicken in a greasy vat of glitter and scabies, danced around all night like strung out, schizophrenic, sociopaths. THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE AT THIS FUCKING SHOW!!! Other people, who have no problem dancing and having a good time and are just trying to enjoy a concert. I would kindly ask you to die in a fire and put the rest of the world out of its misery, but I fear that the fumes from your charred corpse would give anyone nearby some sort of horrific communicable disease. You are lucky I didn’t press assault charges. I still have marks on both of my arms and my knee. Go choke on your own shitty,blue, hipster-hawk dick-bag.