To the Beaverton Fred Meyers cashier that checked me out on Tuesday, I hope you didn't get written up.
I asked for $10 cash back and we were busy talking, you handed me my receipt and commented the ridiculousness of the coupons that printed out. I agreed and smiled and walked away. 11 miles later are parked my car outside my apartment and realized I didn't have the $10. You never handed me a $10. I know this. I checked my pockets, and purse and every possible place, no $10. To drive back would have cost me half that $10 in gas. So, I shrugged and didn't bother.
But then I got to thinking, I work retail too, and if my till were $10 over I'd be in trouble. Wasn't it Fred Meyers that was in the ads on buses a while back for firing people over a few cents? I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. There’s not much I can do now without causing more confusion. I really hope you didn't get in trouble.