I work in the psychic field, and while I had to do some time in a telephone psychic line, I am building step by step my own saloon, or as I like to call it: "My Sphere of Mutual Entertainment". But as you may or not may not know, it can get out of hand partially fast because the minds of todays peoples are so messed up, that they start to interject with one another sexually, sometimes in the waiting room.

I try to stop it by placing ABBA records or musicals. Then it goes further, and I have to take control of the neoplasm floating around, and to stop this and to make it a safe placenta for the mind, I make them think of themselves having encounters with the plants and flowers that are placed in the room to beautify the ambience. All in the name of science and love. If one takes it as natural to relieve oneself with a tree, the next thing they can aim for is to kissy kiss at a safe distance the cutie bell or smile at that sexy homeless guy who just needs a bagel to get thru the day. I have done horrible things in my life, and am not proud of that. I record this experience as a time capsule to be judged by my peers and not so peers. - NeoCosm-43 White Goatee -