So you and the girls came in from Tigard tonight to check out the lumbertwinks, Mr. Cleans, latex mummies, drag queens, and the girls who kissed a girl and liked it. Blow Pony is a great event because it welcomes everybody and allows everyone be themselves. Attitude and judgement are best left at the coat check. Dance, drink, have fun. Smile at those who are different, because they smile at you even if your different from their world.

A bit of advice: when your favorite song comes on it's not polite to push and two handed shove to get to the dance floor. I share your love of tasty Cosmos, just not your rudeness as you push back through once your song ended.

Try again next month. I'm not suggesting you be any less of yourself on your next visit. The mix of people is what makes Blow Pony so great. Being less pushy and aggressive will allow us all to have a good time. We're all here for a reason: to dance. Your shoving was more appropriate for a theater on fire than a dance floor lit up by my shaking booty. A gentle touch usually is enough create a little space.

Oh, by the way, I liked your shoes.