I can smell your weed in the hallway. Why? Why on earth are you befouling your residence with smoke? Why are you allowing the common area to smell like weed?

I don't have anything against smoking pot. I've done it myself from time to time and think that it should be legal. However, I wouldn't smoke pot inside, just like I wouldn't smoke tobacco inside.

When I want to smoke a cigarette, I go out. I usually sit in front of the apartment building, and smoke while I read. Why don't you do the same thing with pot? Smoking outside is totally pleasant, especially right now in springtime, and I seriously doubt that anyone in the hipster-infested neighborhood we live in is going to be offended by someone smoking pot in public.

The hall stinks, though, and it's because of you. I take my cigarettes outside, and I suggest you do the same thing with your joints.