I want to apologize for moving here last year to the 30 something fake yuppie in Fred Meyer who was bitching about how many people moved to Portland last year.
Let me start over. What I should be apologizing for is being born in Buffalo in 1985. If I was courteous enough to be born 10 years earlier I could have moved here sooner. Maybe we'd even be friends because, besides the fact that you're a bitter snob, we probably have a lot in common.
I get that people like you who moved here a decade or so ago have seen a mass of younger people like me following in your footsteps, thereby further gentrifying & increasing rents, and in a way this sucks. Sorry, but like you, I wanted to move to a progressive, affordable city after college; and like you, my options were limited. If you wanted to keep the city to yourself, you should've thought about that before you installed bike lanes, opened micro-breweries, and legalized pot.
You’re so politically correct, with your “Namaste” bumper sticker and all. Any sort of racial profile or stereotyping is unacceptable, unless you’re applying it to us expats who are swelling the borders. What’s with the double standard? We’re not all bunch of unmotivated, pot smoking disheveled youths. I have a four year college degree from an accredited state university, and I demand respect, damn-it! I’m here to start a career and do my part in making this city an even better place. You started the trend and I'm continuing it. Lay off, hypocrite.