I see you jogging around 23rd on the First Thursday run, bumping in to people walking down the street whilst you sweat in spandex. I see you too doing some detached parenting while your 2 year old screams on a side street. And you, parading around your Corgi while it shits all over the trees.

And you teenagers? Lurking around in our courtyard with joints and condoms in hand? I can see you too. And you, woman, who drove into the neighborhood, passive aggressively coughing at me while I wait for my bus because you decided an outside table on the street at Starbucks is where you want to start your morning? I see you too.

I know it's partially my fault for living on one of the city's main shopping streets. I wanted a nice neighborhood where I could walk and bike places and get a bus in minutes. But you descend like locusts every time the weather is remotely nice and act like you belong here. You don't. You're visitors. Would you like it if we transported our outrageous rent, our shouting homeless, our halfway house sex offenders into Orenco? No? Or maybe if I brought a child and sat it outside of your house while it screams? Oh I guess you wouldn't like that either.

Stop being assholes. This isn't Lloyd Center. This is a primarily residential neighborhood where we have the right to smoke, have people pick up their dog shit, walk down the road without preoccupied joggers bashing into us and have some peace from your screaming kid. If you can't handle that, go back to Beaverton.