People Actually Live Here


Why the fuck would someone drive from the suburbs just to run down a crowded, busy sidewalk where they're going to be forced to stop every few blocks? What kind of logic leads you to believe anyone that doesn't live in the neighborhood would go out of their way to run such a shitty, frustrating route? Or come from Orenco just to give their dog a new place to shit, as though bad dog owners don't exist in the city?
It sounds like you hate your neighborhood. You should move to the suburbs.
This isn't the black mall, this is the white mall.
Mrs. Crabtree? Is that you? Where is the 100% Full of Shit button?
No way. There's a whiny, uptight yuppie prisswad that lives off of NW 23rd? I'm shocked.
Yeah where is the full of shit button!
sounds like you're describing people who live there.
unless you have lived on that street for over 20 years you have no business complaining, you are the problem.

Seriously, who would drive from "Orenco" to 23rd to walk their little shit dog, or run, or "start their morning", or hang around your courtyard with joints and condoms (that's when I really thought this was a joke).
Either you are an 85 year old bitching, which is understandable or you're some young 20 something who needs to shut the fuck up.
Are you using binoculars when you 'see' them?
Sounds like some hateful old bitch... But it's probably a guy.... A hateful old He-bitch.