I'm sure you're nice enough people. but...

I'd appreciate it if you would quit cluttering up the sidewalk in our neighborhood with your weekly "fun sale" of garbage that you've acquired over the past 50 years.
The condition of your garage is abysmal, you're abusing your home ownership privileges. The clutter stacked to the ceiling in your garage and in that creepy black van makes our nice neighborhood look trashy and scary. Old shoes, hideous motel decor, ugly ponchos and rugs, broken furniture, stacked 12 feet high filling up every inch of space in that garage. No doubt there is probably rat feces in depths of that trash heap. And you think we're dumb enough to buy it? You're hoarders and you need help.

You are wasting yard salers' time—no one wants your ugly, filthy trash, especially not at prices like $5 per shirt. You have no understanding of the way a yard sale works.
Good luck making a profit off this crap. Please get rid of it. And I don't mean donating it to Goodwill, they have no use for your hideous clutter. Hire a hazmat team or burn it in a bonfire, that'd bring our community together! We'd roast marshallows and have a merry old time!