I'm a night auditor at a hotel, formerly a front desk guy. I switched because I couldn't handle the idiots and their stupid ideas of "haggling/negotiating" a rate. When you walk into a hotel and ask for a rate I'll up-sell sure, my boss tells me to, but if you give me some respect, I'll hook you up. But, if you come in thinking your king shit and say that you saw a cheaper rate online then all I'll want to do is tell you to fuck off and make the goddamn reservation online; what I will do instead is smile, take it in the poop-chute and say "I'm sorry that's the lowest rate we have." as I take the smallest amount of pleasure in watching you grumble and take that credit card out of your wallet; before I get off shift, go get drunk, get a prostitute and rather then have sex, sit and cry about how I hate my life.