As a long term motorcycle/scooter/car commuter, I have noted the trend and the symptoms of the rising dominance of the cell phone. It's a tired rag, sure. However, the very next time I am behind a texter that sits at a green light long enough to deny the cars behind them a chance to make the light or I am on the freeway and I have to swerve to avoid your texting ass, I am going to find a way to harass you. Yes, it's aggressive. Yes, I will be taking a huge risk to make a point. But, here's the point: NOTHING IS THAT FUCKING IMPORTANT! NOTHING! So, you, texting/talking/swerving/whatever, when I cut you off and slow down, when I lay on the horn for 10 full seconds and tailgate your sorry ass until you hang up: You Fucking Asked For It. Oh, and as far as your potentially violent embarrassment? I'll eat your face.