Hey, I, Anonymous Blog Editor,

I can't help but notice that some I, Anonymous Blog entries have "Full of Shit" polls and some do not. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?! Who are you to prejudge whether or not an I, Anonymous blog poster might or might not be Full of Shit, like some one-person I, Anonymous Blog grand jury?! Do you think you're Nancy Grace or something?!

Here's an example of why you're so wrong: neither of the I, Anonymous Blog posts chewing out hippies was deemed to merit a "Full of Shit" poll. Of course I understand your reasoning here: all hippies are Full of Shit, therefore anyone who chews out a hippie can't be Full of Shit. WRONG! Nobody enjoys chewing out a hippie more than another hippie! They're the most sanctimonious people on the planet! But were we, the lowly I, Anonymous Blog readers, allowed to weigh in on how Full of Shit the posters were? We were not, and that just plain sucks.

In case you haven't heard, THIS IS AMERICA! We The People demand to decide how Full of Shit EVERYONE is! THAT'S WHAT MAKES THIS COUNTRY GREAT! Either put a "Full of Shit" poll in every I, Anonymous Blog post, or go back to Russia!

One more thing: tear down the I, Anonymous Chill Out Tent. If anyone reading this section can't take their I, Anonymous Blog posts undiluted, that person should switch over to the namby-pamby End Hits Blog instead.