I deliver for a said "Better" pizza company in the SE, and I usually begin my shifts in the evenings, just around the height of rush hour. Success and bigger paydays rely on speed and "smartness" of delivery routes, more deliveries = more tips which = more financial freedom, kinda. Sometimes I have to take main routes to facilitate this. So I end up having to merge into traffic right where Powell Blvd splits to 17th ave around 11th and Powell...I am in the right hand lane because "Traffic Lemmings" have thoroughly backed up the left two lanes making my only logical move to speed up at when the green lights up and merge to the right to avoid missing the light and losing time. So as the light turns green, I speed up to merge right and this DOUCHE in a black Acura closes the gap in which I am trying to slip into, he honks, I give him the finger and then he tries to get along side to make pointless egotistical eye contact to show dominance...LOOK, The Sign is clearly displayed on my car, I AM WORKING, I have to deal with idiots (including myself) bikers, pedestrians and your bad fucking attitude every day just so I can remain in bare subsistence as a human. If you see a pizza delivery driver in traffic, for fuck's sake YIELD and let things FLOW more smoothly for everyone I don’t care what kind of car you drive or how awesome you believe yourself to be, I have to deal with all of rush hour, not just a one way route twice daily…have some compassion...asshole!