hey asshole. thanks for making me feel like a modern day leslie gore. you know the song.. 'maybe i know that he's been a cheeeatin, maybe i know that he's been untrue, but what can i doooo?' no? well, thanks for making me feel like a fifties bitch who tells all her friends that no, the company didn't sell out, no, i'm not being fucked around on. he told me he's not cheating. he told me he still loves me, but no, he's been sticking his wick in some rich bitch in new york who drives a hummer and makes five year old children paint her nails for her while she sits on a migrant human chair. and now he's leaving me for her. ..and is still lying to me about it. fucking asshole. if you're going to be bullshit enough to sell out, don't fucking lie to me about it when i catch you in bed with your "buddy investor" that everyones been telling me about. no one likes being fucked up the ass without being told about it first. because you know what? that shit will bleed.