You: Lady who drove the wrong way into the W Burnside Goodwill to drop off your donations and almost hit my daughter in the parking lot.
Me: Man who said "Ma'am, you may not know it, but that arrow means this is an EXIT. You almost hit my daughter, did you know that?"
You: Subhuman piece of shit who said "Almost doesn't count".

I guess your good deed for Goodwill gives you the karmic credit to balance out for being an asshole. But guess what? All you did was scare a 5 year old, insult me, and prove that you and your family are emotionally impaired. LEarn to drive, learn some humility, and learn when to shut the fuck up and say "I'm sorry", because that "Bush belongs in Jail" bumper sticker is just a logo if you have the same integrity as him. Loser.