We have been friends for 20 years. You have stood by me through the most intense & fucked up experiences of my life. However, now that you are in school & teaching yoga & sitting on a really high fucking horse, you seem to have forgotten. Let alone to ask for forgiveness. Did you forget that you were shooting me up with speedballs when i was 14 & you were 20? Did you forget about the porno that you made of me getting fucked by you with a 40 oz. of St. Ides for your pedophile sugardaddy, when i was 14? Did you forget about attacking me & raping me while perverted men looked on & i tried to scratch your eyes out? On & on it goes. Fuck you. And fuck you saying to me that the issues that i have from what MEN have done to me are the result of me not using "positive thinking". Fuck you telling me to get my life together. Fuck you being in my life. You have been my best friend. But truly, you have been one of the worst, most despicable, hypocritical humans in my life. Fuck sharing our sisterhood journey's. You are no better than them. Who shoots up a 14 yr. old girl with a speedball & films a porno to give to a convicted pedophile? YOU. How dare you pull holier than thou, sanctimonious trips on me. You are NOT a good person!