Despicable You


Holy shit.
and this is your best friend?
Uhm, you weren't complaining when you were 14. Why you mad now?
At least she did not threw YooHoo`s at you at the food court like my last gff did to me...
I hate to do it but I gotta agree with damosA on this one I call bullshit cry for attention. Try facebook I hear anyone can have friends there
I didn't get that she wasn't upset when she was 14. Just that it took her a really long time to acknowledge the abusive behavior. It took me years to realize how deeply dv had impacted me. And when i finally did, rage set in. Anyways, sad story. Seems like she would find a hell of alot more compassion from a therapist than from the people that comment on here, though. Stay strong, Lady. And get thee to counseling!
Ummm, I'm not sure Neil Goldschmidt reads the Merc, but you never know.
Wow, beav and DamosA. Wow.

Assuming that this post isn't bullshit (I do have my doubts about it) the appropriate response is not to wonder "Hey, why didn't a fourteen year old girl do something about getting abused?" That cowardly, nasty, despicable blame-the-victim attitude is utterly loathsome. Have you ever been around children? Do you have any idea how their tiny, scared brains work? Kids are messes of hormones, fear, and confusion, even at the best of times. Expecting an abused, drug-addled fourteen year old to act like a clear-headed adult is at naive at best. Your flippant lack of empathy makes me hope that neither of you are teachers, social workers, attorneys, or anyone else who actually has to deal with shit like this on a regular basis.
actually i was molested as a child led to awkward moments later in life. I wasn't blaming the child I was blaming the adult who posted this for the pure attention factor. which in my professional experience lets me know they had emotionally distant parents and acting out in negative ways was how this person learned to get the attention they craved. Or perhaps bad relationships lacking as an adult. However the odds of this A. being a real post are negative a billion and B. people this deeply fucked up would not choose the mercury to post there rants read a book I promise I'm right
Hey beav. I can't even read your post. You lost me. This is horrible, under any circumstances. Truly hope she gets the help she needs.
i wrote this. For anyone calling bullshit...Gee, what would you have said had i included some of the other details? Like that i was tied, spread eagle, to a hide-a-bed, sodomized & pissed on by the boyfriend, whilst her 2 yr. old daughter watched from her playpen, 15 ft. away? Or that there were 2 copies of the tape. One was confiscated by the police when the 50-something yr. old pedo sugardaddy was arrested for...HEY! Molesting little girls. The other, my "friend" kept & would show to her friends. Yes, i have had a friendship with her for 20 yrs. i wrote this, not for attention ( because in my buzzed anger, i never expected it to see the light of day), but out of angry frustration. i am so fucking tired of the ongoing emotional abuse, & i don't know how to deal with or confront it/her. Maybe, because she is female, like me. This was me screaming at her. This was me leveling all that she has done to me, at her. Because i am too fucked up, cowardly & confused by her gender to do it in person. This is me coming to terms with, & validating just one bad thing that happened to me. @DamosA~ i was not upset when i was 14, because i did not recognize it as abuse. When rape & molestation have defined one's sexual norm's, why would one question it? i am angry now, because i am older & i am becoming acutely fucking aware. Btw..i know who you are. We've met & we have some friends in common.@ beav ~ Seriously, i really hope that you don't work with anyone! who has any! problems. Because you have been tragically off the mark on every level. Heal thyself, cheap hack.
And yes, i would get help, if i had insurance or could afford $100 an hour for a counselor. i am sorry that i wrote this. My father read it & said " But, what if she reads it? How will SHE feel?". Sigh. Such is life. Passive aggresive & cowardly. Obviously people as fucked up as me don't write in to the Mercury. i would like to ask the Editor to please delete this. Please make it go away. Any suggestions on how to contact him? Cause i need to deal with this face to face...
So I was forwarded this link by the writer. Just for purposes of reading her rant. I know both people. And this did happen. I even saw some of the strange pics when I was a teenager. It's a rant. if some feel it's a plee for attention- I'm sure in a way it is. How would you react and process these events that have never been answered for. It's always great when the resposible party Is able to move on and come to some inner peace and happiness. I think her point is how is that possible to be truly enlightened when u haven't made amends with the ones you've harmed on your path towards this "happiness".
I Anon doesn't have the most supportive community of commentators, but truly, I hope you find the closure/enlightenment/inner peace you need and deserve.

Good luck with this, it sounds like you'll need it. Plus, if all else fails, no one ever went wrong with a well organized smear campaign ;)
#8...damn, you beat me to it!

On an entirely different note...this one to Anonymous...your "friend" is despicable to do this to you. Why would she ever show this to her friends? How can she defend continuing to torment you like that? Why wouldn't any of her friends report her to the cops for showing it to them? She IS breaking the freaking law every time she does that, after all.

How do i contact the Editor to get this deleted?
I'm gonna assume this is the truth. Why? Because anonymous is easier when you have shit to work out. Also, I recently started working with some foster kids - and people, shit is fucked up! Bad bad things happen. And all of the comforting snark and skepticism in the world isn't going to stop bad things from happening.

To the poster - THERAPY. GET A SHIT TON OF THERAPY. For the rest of your life, therapy. Because if this person is your "friend", clearly you haven't worked out your scary Stockholm Syndrome/PTSD. Go to a group, go to a church, I don't care how you slice it, just get some therapy.
I think she should just stop whinning. She's a grown-ass woman now, i assume. And she's still all hung up over something she alleged happened to her when she was 14, like she's special or something. She just wants someone to feel sorry for her, that's all. Grow up or shut up. And try NOT to be such a door mat, geeez.
@12/16 email, and I'm unbelievably sorry to read what you've been through, and I hope the shitbird vultures who make a hobby of picking over posts like yours will think twice in the future (though I don't hold out much hope).
Based on the comments made here, I'm going to assume that the "friends" this poor kid has in common with DamosA are the shit bags who raped and abused her/him, and wouldn't be surprised if DamosA was somehow intimately involved.

Regardless of whether or not any of this has an ounce of truth to it (quite probable, given that it happens all over the world, including in Portland, QUITE A BIT) DamosA is a FUCKING DOUCHE.

DamosA: DIAF you worthless effing piece of skin. I hope I have the pleasure of telling you in person some day. Your humor is humorless, your trolling truly piss poor and vile.

ANON: Take rangerhunter's advice. There are a wealth of resources out there for you, none of them having anything to do with the 3 line words of advice of a bunch of hacks (myself included) commenting on a public blog.
My comment did suck It had been a long day. my main point was I think this post is bogus. If it is real I feel terrible however I feel the reality is this person is craving attention and with this being the 21st comment they have gotten it
@21, I've said it before and I think it's worth noting again: you will never verify the validity of an I, Anon. You can't, it's completely pointless to try. I don't understand the naive impulse to smear, or call BS. Awful things happen to people. Even if it IS BS, there may be someone this has happened to reading these words and our comments. Really, can you imagine how they'd feel even for a second with this victim blaming/questioning BS?

All things considered, where does that leave me as a reader when considering the I, Anons that are truly heartbreaking? I choose to take this at face value and believe the writer. Furthermore, I believe in treating the worst of these I, Anons with the empathy and compassion they deserve. It's better to be a human than a "funny" internet troll.
Keep the post up. Not to rub it in, awareness. True or not, this does happen, everyday. It is an open reminder for anyone who reads it that we do not have problems. In addition, it is reminder not to post shit, you do not want up....
I agree to disagree with you fruit cup. I am perhaps more jaded due to my personal life experience, however your point is valid and i couldn't agree more about this type of shit happening everyday.
Sure, this post is legit. As legit as "Gay Girl in Damascus". Please... if this were an actual person with actual issues, why wouldn't she just get her sorry ass into a doctor's office? Why would she be posting some anonymous diatribe here? B/c it's cheaper, huh? Whatever.

Sorry, but this one here just reeks of bullshit. Too bad most of yall are eating it up.
Beav, I think whatever may have happened to you in your life has made it impossible for you to clearly understand why your comments are so horrendous. Whether or not this post is fake.

If the OP is NOT fake? Get therapy. Now. Lots of it. If you can be "best friends" with someone who was, and seemingly remains, a danger to you, you have many, many unresolved issues .
1 out of 7 girls get molested by the time they are 18, by conservative estimates. didn't realize that till i had a girlfriend who had issues and finally admitted to me that her dad used to make her suck him, when she was around 12. WTF? a well to do, still together family none the less, no wonder she was a cutter. but if she wrote in i guess you would call fake. talking amongst my friends, turned out that most all have some creepy ass story involving an ex girlfriend and an uncle / brother in law / friend / babysitter.