Gettin’ the Shaff


I agree that the call to dump the water was a ridiculous stunt designed only to grab media attention about covering the reservoirs.

However, the observation about spending priorities doesn't really make sense. Portland water bureau's operations are funded by rate payers and inter-municipal water sales, not from the state education budget.
Get rid of all fountains and benson bubblers as well.
I am surprised that there is not more uproar aimed at the drunk guy who did the peeing. Apparently he is some 'ultimate fighting' dude from Molalla. I can only imagine he was laughing to himself as he peed in Portland's water (at least right up until the time the security guard nabbed him)
David Shaff is full of fail and should be beaten with a metal coat-hanger. The coat-hanger should the be placed on the stove for like an hour and stuck up the pisser's ass real slow, like tsssss.