About 2 years ago, I worked for an elderly gentleman who inherited an "elite" property in Laurelhurst when he lost his parents. He was over 60 and for the first time in his life, he was alone. He opened up his home to homeless people, and these people, at least, took advantage of him for over a decade, before I got there.

The Portland Police were also harassing him as well, they said they "didn't want OUR KIND in their neighborhood." One would think that the police would've stepped up to protect this man,but neither they, nor Adult protective services did anything other than call this elderly gentleman a "freak":

The City Building inspectors were fining him for a violation that by their own documents couldn't exist, to the tune of over $2000.

In the end, they found their opening when the elderly gentleman ended up in the emergency room with a kidney failure...one homeless woman accompanied him in the ambulance where over $2,500 "disappeared."

STILL, no one did anything. They instead, used a 20 year old probate loophole to sell his home while he was trying to recover...they had a nice lock-up nursing home for him, with a generous dose of ATIVAN for him when he tried to go home.

He couldn't go home because no agency would help me with the issues left by the homeless people, instead, their answer was to sell his inheritance and home.

My outrage is that the very people whom he needed, were only waiting to take advantage of him themselves, after the homeless people got everything they could carry.

Apparently, the ONLY one who thought this elderly person was worth protecting was ME...and as I said, no good deed goes unpunished, as it cost me everything I had to keep my word to my elderly friend.


...and why can't the elderly get anyone's attention and support?