If you've had a child—on purpose—in the last 5 to 10 years, I'm very disappointed in you, you arrogant, selfish cretin. We live in a world of almost seven BILLION people, many of whom are starving, neglected or abused, and yet you just HAD to amplify your perfect little relationship and CREATE a perfect fucking little version of yourselves. Never mind adopting or fostering children. Fuck them, right? We live in a truly scary time of accelerating climate change and consolidation of power, and a level of monied political corruption almost unparalleled in history standing in the way of real solutions, and what work have you done to combat either? And no, just bicycling or just voting don't EVEN count. Congratulations: you've just damned one more individual, your child no less, to a turbulent, violent shrinking world you haven't even taken the time to understand or honestly work to improve. It will be amazing if they live until 40. It would be a miracle for them to have great grandchildren who live at all.