I used to have to take the bus to work everyday with the whole cracked out jonesing lot of you Methadone clinic fucks, which is why when I got my car I was elated that I wouldn't have to put up with your tweaking or inappropriate questions anymore. So I'm driving to work and your stupid fat junkie ass gets off the bus then runs behind it out into the street in front of my car and oncoming traffic so the whole street has to come to a screeching halt just to avoid hitting you in your rush for a fix. When several people appropriatly honked at your idiocy you decided to stop in the middle of the road and flip us all off while yelling obscenities before continuing your blind rush for your replacement smack. I guess they should have just let you overdose on heroin so that way no one has to have the dents pounded out of their car from hitting your fat blonde junkie ass while you try to get your drugs. Next time you decide to play junkie frogger in front of my car maybe use the crosswalk instead you stupid tweaker, or better yet get off the drugs and stay out of the street. You make an otherwise awsome neighborhood a dangerous and annoying place to drive just because your need for drugs is more important than the safety of everyone else. Oh yeah and fuck you too bitch at least I'm not addicted to Methadone like you are!