To any customer who has ever made a stink about a small business- a NON-PROFIT, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS business- not accepting your expired gift certificate- and ESPECIALLY this particular customer- you snooze, you lose! The expiration date is prominently displayed right in front of your face. Please don't try and place the blame on us when it was your choice to put off coming to see us for so long. Threatening with a write up in the Oregonian about how dishonorable my organization is will not change my mind (as if your story is the only pressing issue in the city). Name calling isn't going to do it, either. Buck up and accept the fact that this is YOUR FAULT- especially since you purchased it as a gift for yourself. You knew full well when the certificate expired. Guess what, lady? I'm going to be the only person in your life who hasn't given you your way. Take that expired gift certificate and use it to start a fire, because you're going to need one to warm that cold, bitter heart of yours.