I was visiting from out of state,& needed a bike S.T.A.T.! I found a flyer 4 bike rentals in the downtown area. I rode the MAX from NE with the plan of riding the bike back north. I have no sense of direction to begin with, so when I finally got there I was awe stuck by the guy working there. I cummed my legging. The only thought in my head was mine on his head. To make things more awkward I needed to find out where DZ nuts chamois cream was sold. My real thoughts were seeing what he had on person. I left in a state unable to ride,& trouble struck soon after I crossed the Burnside Bridge. as my legging became wetter so did the weather. I fell on the MAX rail tracks I was not capable of blinking without a thought of me riding him rather than the single speed. I took the MAX back to the hotel, with more than enough to think about. Blushing at my own foolishness while I kicked myself the ride back.