Thanks so much for being another cliche biker to bitch about, and of course, the bruises. Here I was, in a really good mood, long weekend ahead, got the okay from the anti-coagulation clinic to just take pills for the weekend (no injections!) for a medical I won't go into here, and I was looking forward to a vigorous yet leisurely bike ride across the steel bridge, along the esplanade and home. I'd just left work and was heading across Front Ave. on my bike in the pedestrian crosswalk and BAM, you, running the red light (What? it pertains to the bike lane too? = Who knew?) slam right the fuck into me. Knocking me right the fuck over.

Yeah, you apologized, yeah I know you are sorry blah, blah, blah. I was so mad and stunned the only thing I could think to do was to just bike away rather than stay there to bitch you out and probably make you cry. I really hate to see people cry.

But after some thought I feel the need to apologize. I feel bad because I really, really, really should have gotten your info, as well as the info of the mass of witnesses, so I could sue your irresponsible ass. I really could use some help with medical expenses right now and I suppose it couldn't hurt if somebody set an example as a warning to other dumb ass bikers who think traffic lights don't pertain to them.

Anyway, I can't imagine you would ever come forward. I let you get away with it and I was wrong to do so. Fortunately all it caused me was some serious soreness.

But maybe this can be a lesson to the rest of you self-entitled bikers, blowing through stop lights. The person you hit just may have a medical condition where an impact like that could cause serious problems like internal bleeding or death -hey even if they don't this could happen. And possibly this person (if still conscious) is a way bigger asshole than me and will press charges or sue you for your negligence and hubris.

So maybe, just maybe you could all take a second to THINK before you do something that could cause another injury, then make you feel bad and apologetic and could potentially cost you a shit-ton of money.