Those of you out there complaining about what's wrong with America have to look in the mirror. Start there with your "everything sucks" attitude. You are lazy and ungrateful. You suckle at the monetary teat that is fueled with hard-working-taxpayer's money. You know what taxes are, the contribution of funds the rest of us give that you childishly brag to your similarly deadbeat friends about not paying over a round of PBR tallboys at a local dive. The next subject of conversation will be how others should have to pay more taxes, while you still skirt paying any. Way to pass the buck. I don't want to hear it's a terrible economy to rationalize not having a job. I know history majors who currently earn great income, even in fields that have nothing related to their major. How? Because they work their asses off. That's America. Hard workers get any job they want. There is a correlation between laziness and lack of patriotism. The lazier you are the more likely I am going to hear "America sucks" out of your mouth. I assure the rest of us that patriotism is not extinct but it's on the endangered species list. It's in the hearts of those who wake up early each morning and force themselves to work to earn a paycheck. Why? Because that income allows them to afford to do the things they want, when they want. We are fortunate to live in a country that gives anybody that opportunity. And before you retreat to the warm-security-blanket-of-rationalization that this must be some lunatic Republican whose fascist rant can be quickly dismissed: I ride my bicycle to work. I don't own a car. I support gay/lesbian rights. I am pro-choice. I voted for Obama.