To the jackass who ruined approximately 48 moviegoers collected viewing experience of Beginners at Fox Towers:

We all know those silly Sprint commercials at the beginning of the film reminding you to not text in the middle of the movie were made with an explicit exemption for you and your wife. So it's perfectly fine to whip out your phone in the front row of a packed theater thirty minutes into the movie with your screen set to fucking maximum brightness and text with the clicky-key sound turned on. It's also totally fine to go apeshit when someone asks you to kindly put your phone away, and start yelling at said provocateur with a range of playground insults involving his "80's" glasses that are “real cool.” Everyone was most excited to interrupt their attention on the film and focus on your prepubescent cries for attention and macho huff-puffery that more resembled a beach ball than a baseball bat, and we all realized that your life as an eternal victim must be a difficult one. So for that, I do empathize. Also, grow the fuck up. -Anonymous