Apparently, living in Vantucky means...
1. Riding a bike for pleasure or transportation means that you are a loser & need to get a car. Hence, you will be spit upon, mocked, screamed at & threatened.
2. If you wear camouflage & you do not murder animals, or women & children in Iraq or Afghanistan, you will be spit upon, screamed at & threatened.
3. "Enjoying Nature" is only possible with a large truck ( to tear shit up, man!), a million gallons of budweiser, & a semi-automatic weapon for shooting trees, small animals & hippies.
4. Bringing your own bag to the grocery store, or using paper, is too much effort. Real Vantucky Americans use plastic. And then throw it in the trash.
5. George Bush was the best president EVER!!!
6. If, by the age of 19, you do not weigh 200+ pounds & have 3 children by different men, you are not living the Vantucky, American dream.
7. If you are not white, i resent, nay! i hate your very existence. This is my precious goldmine of a town. Go back to..._____ ( insert any country, or town, that is not Vantucky).
8. Suv's & 4x4's are the only true American modes of transportation. ( Even if they are made in Japan or China). And don't forget you're "Bush '04" bumper sticker!
9. i loathe this town. That is all :)