Fuck you! Remember that girl you tried to kill while she was riding her bike to work in Beaverton, she's going to find you and make you choke on a giant bag of teeny tiny dicks. I was minding my business, and travelling the goddamn speed limit in the goddamn left turn lane, because I was turning left dipshit. You were never even behind me at all. That didn't stop you from getting dangerously close to my right side, yelling at me to get in the fucking bike lane and swerving your SEMI-TRUCK (WTF) in front of me trying to hit me. You're deranged and you scared the shit out of me. You're a professional driver? You're a fucking menace and you ruined my day. I couldn't stop crying for over an hour, I thought I was going to die. I hope the police find you and you get skull fucked in jail.