Dear Most new Seasons employees,
Shut up! Why do you care what 'plans I have for later'? Why do you think I care that you're going to 'go to your sister's house' after your shift? Why do you need to know what I'm going to cook, based on the ingredients I'm buying? I just want to buy some food and go home. I don't want to have to prepare a small talk subject as I'm waiting, so I don't feel stupid by saying, "I'm doing NOTHING tonight but drinking every one of these 10 beers and every drop of this bottle of cava I'm buying." after you ask me the constant, "What's up for tonight?!" like we're best friends. I don't want to have to explain what I do for a living, nor do I want to answer questions about a tattoo on my arm. I don't want to explain how I get to and from the store, nor what I have in terms of plans for the weekend. Maybe New Seasons should follow Fred Meyers' and install some SELF CHECK MACHINES, then I wouldn't have to blather on about some inane subject as I'm trying to buy shit. New Seasons truly holds their customers hostage by making them commit small talk with their employees. (This is not about the kind Santa Claus type gentlemen at the Arbor Lodge location - I love him.)