Nice job you idiot hipster parents. As you danced about at the edge of the stage at Sunday's Los Lonely Boys/Los Lobos concert, your poor child clawed at his/her ears and screamed in pain.

Since you were both too busy to notice the signs of your child in distress, I'll help out and translate for your kid: "Aiiiieeee!! Mommy, I can't hear, what is that horrible deafening noise, get me the fuck out of here!" Or perhaps later in life: "Fuck you Dad, thanks for the hearing loss."

You tried to put earplugs in his/her ears, but it was clearly too much for your kid. That should have been the sign for one of you fools to move back with your child. Way back.

And, no, Daddy's fedora and soul patch and Mommy's hip white dress don't make it all ok.

You have every right to blast the hell out of your own ears at a show; just hire a sitter next time and don't scramble your kid's brain. You can choose; your kid can't!