To the texting guy I honked at, I'm sorry I wasn't minding "my" business. I'm sorry I incited you to cuss me out in front of my daughter. I'm sorry I didn't pull over so you could kick my ass, as you obviously wanted to. But most of all, I'm sorry you don't realize that it's illegal / dangerous / rude to text while you are driving. If you are driving anywhere while drunk, texting, talking on your phone, double-fisting a burger, getting a blow job, or WHATEVER it is you do that diverts your attention from the road, it is EVERYONE'S business. Can you not pull over, or wait until you are stopped somewhere safe? I doubt that your text is so important that you need to risk the safety and well-being of the people around you - in fact, I doubt an important text has ever been sent by anyone. Hang up and drive, or go back to L.A. (Trust me, people, I lived there, and if this guy isn't from there, it's where he should be.)