I have, for some time, totally appreciated having the proximity of food cart pods close to my residence. The diverse cuisine, friendly atmosphere and bargain prices have been a huge welcome to the shabby alternate.

That is, until I saw YOU; picking and eating your own SCABS in between customers without washing your hands to boot!

From the communal seating area, I witnessed you plucking away at your elbow and slyly munching out on your own body parts thinking that you were in some sort of blind spot. Is/was it yummy?

I wanted to yell at you but I couldn't bring myself to spoil my friends meals.

What I would like to know is why the fuck you going to eat your own dried blood when you have all those amazing ingredients abound?
And didn't your mommy tell you to leave it alone so it would heal?
Thankfully I've never been a patron to your gross ass skin shack as I would have probably ralphed right there.

What's for dessert? Boogers? You dirty little scab eater.