The first 30 minutes is always miserable. You get in, get your ID checked so you can get a little paper bracelet (take off your sunglasses miss.)

Then, inexplicably they force you to walk through the first set of tents to go get your fucking tokens and mandatory cups. They don't actually lay out any lines for the breweries, so you have to vaguely kind of find one. And because the walkways are all crowd designated it's virtually impossible to get through without spilling the beer you just waited 20 goddamned minutes to get.

This won't prevent me from going but whoever the fuck puts this on should be fired for a complete lack of competence in running the fucking thing.

Honestly, Oregon Brewer's Festival, if it wasn't for the actual breweries you attract I'd say fuck it almost every year. Take a note from almost every other festival over the summer and get your shit together to try and make it a little less miserable. Your popularity doesn't give you an excuse to be so lazy.

(In before cynical hipsters going "i never go to that thing herp herp.")