To the older lady cutting in line at the Hawthorne Fred Meyers: Were you really that surprised when I woke you from your self absorbed, holier than thou, oblivious and inconsiderate slumber by asking you if you noticed the long line behind you that you just cut in front of? At first I was polite and said there was a line and asked if you noticed. You looked at me like I was an idiot for wasting your time and said nothing. I then stated "well there are all these people here behind me". As you asked the cashier to hand you your stuff back I said just go ahead (because it might be faster to just apologize and pay at this point) but nooooo you had to make a smart ass comment and when I said "I had every right to say something", you had the nerve to scoff. That is why I exclaimed "what a bitch" and when you walked up to me like you were some person of authority that could intimidate me by asking "what did you just say", I said it much clearer and directly to you- "what a bitch". And after all that you demanded the cashier call the manager, like the manager could really do anything in this situation. Thank god the guy behind me said "lady just let the guy get his food and go".

I just wanted to say thank you for not wasting more of everyone's time. Perhaps now you will be a little more considerate, wake the fuck up and have some humility because when you act like a bitch someone just may call you on it.